The purpose of the Bluepearls Digital Info Policy is to ensure that Bluepearls Digital Info employees are properly trained on appropriate procedures surrounding safe and legal use of company-owned software. Furthermore, this policy is intended to discourage inadvertent (or deliberate) violations of the terms of our organization’s license agreements.

The culture and operating activities of Bluepearls Digital Info are conducted in alignment to high ethical standards. We are a responsible company in all areas of our operations, with our operating integrity at the heart our of business decision making processes.


Employee Development Policy

Bluepearls Digital Info invests in the continuous training and development of all employees, routinely appraising staff with a Performance Development Review. We ensure all members of our team are equipped with the skills, knowledge and competence to perform to a high standard in their current job position, with a view to developing their skillset to take on future challenges and assist the with future growth of the organisation and achieving its objectives.

We invest in subscriptions to industry-relevant bodies and attendance of industry-relevant events and provide coaching and mentoring to the junior members of our team. We ensure that all development is equitable, fair and of benefit to each department of the business.